Floor candelabras are generally used in weddings and special ceremonies where a dramatic looking candelabra works best. We recommend Koch Originals Floor Candelabras as they are built to last and are the highest grade candelabras on the market. Their candelabras have a variety of designs and come with a candelabra warranty.

There are a variety of floor candelabras and you can really come up with a variety of decoration solutions for your wedding or event by combining the different styles of floor candelabras. Styles of floor candelabras includes spiral candelabras, fan candelabras, tree candelabras and other types of wedding candelabras. By combining these different styles, your church, rental store, wedding designer or florist can make a dazzling array of displays for your wedding.

Floor candelabras usually are adjustable and can be raised up and down. They have a candelabra base, some rods and then a candelabra top that can vary in the way it looks. Floor candelabras also have everything to hold candles or mechanical candles including the candle cups, the husks and the drip pans. Koch Originals candelabras come with all the accessories and have a brilliant finish that looks great at weddings and in churches. When it comes to floor candelabras, we recommend checking out the Koch Originals Floor Candelabras as we feel they make the best line of commercial grade candelabras at wholesale prices.







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