Wedding Arches can range from the simple to the extravagant. Some items we slightly suggest renting over buying, but with wedding arches, we strongly suggest renting them for a variety of reasons including set-up, cost, quality and experience. Rental companies have a great selection of commercial grade wedding arches and know how to set them up and secure them.

Wedding arches made of metal are suggested due to durability. Below we will list a couple types of wedding arches and info about them.

STANDARD WEDDING ARCHES: These are the wedding arches you will see over and over again. Why? They look good, last forever and are freestanding and portable. There have been some new designs to the wedding arch to make it easy to move and more portable.

COLUMN WEDDING ARCHES: These are a bit more cumbersome to move, but by adding columns to your wedding arch, you'll really see a difference in the overall size of the backdrop and it will make your wedding arch look great. There are also some great wedding arches that use columns as the base that have a full and more rich look.

CHUPPAHS: Chuppahs are not a wedding arch, but we put them here as they are somewhat similar in structure to a wedding arch. Chuppahs or wedding canopies are generally used in the Jewish community and can be decorated in different types of cloth. We suggest the portable chuppah made of metal.







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